Bennie Blanco Photo
Bennie Blanco is an old­timer. Discovering hip­ hop in the late 1980s, he developed a passion for that growing culture. His tastes remain widely eclectic and his sound mixes sophisticated electronic music with catchy Hip Hop tunes, all geared towards serving the dancefloor. Warning: infectious groove expected! World­ renowned DJ Bennie Blanco is familiar with the hottest and trendiest clubs in the world, from Paris to New York through Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Taipei, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and more… In Hong Kong Bennie Blanco is resident at Volar, Fly, Socialito and Dragon­i. He’s also occurs at festivals such as « Wow Festival » in Kuala Lumpur in 2014.
Bennie Blanco 算是老前辈了. 上世纪80年代后期接触了嘻哈, 并在日益增长的文化氛围中激发了浓厚的热情。他的品味广泛不拘一格,音乐风格主要是以电子音乐为主并成功的建立他特有的音乐风并将这些音乐 (迷幻独立舞曲) 和嘻哈合并在一起。 警告:传染性超预期 ! 世界知名Dj Bennie Blanco 熟悉最炙手和最时尚的俱乐部, 包括从巴黎到纽约, 通过布鲁塞尔, 到 卢森堡, 巴塞罗那,台北, 马来西亚, 日本, 香港及更多… 在香港, Bennie Blanco 是Volar, Fly, Socialito和Dargon I 这4家酒吧的驻场DJ, 他也曾在2014年马来西亚吉隆坡<<wow >> 音乐节上有精彩的演.